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The Los Gatos Creek Trail is a paved jogging/biking path that runs from the Willow Glen area of San Jose, thru Campbell and Los Gatos and on to the Lexington Reservoir. Almost every weekend you'll find me catching the trail right next to my home and riding down to Vasona and Oak Meadow Parks (these parks ajoin each other). Such a nice way to get some exercise in the outdoors. The weekend is especially appealing to see all the folks out and about.

There are several ways to experience the sights from the Los Gatos Trail - just select items from the categories in the tables below. For more information about the sections of the train, see photo thumbnails below.

Photos by season from the trail and parks
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2012 Winter (23) Spring (94) --- Fall (27)
2011 Winter (19) --- --- ---
2010 Winter (23) Spring (42) --- ---
2009 Winter (54) Spring (78) Summer (60) Fall (25)
2008 --- Spring (116) --- Fall (42)
2007 Winter and Spring (32) Summer (81) Fall (108)
2006 Winter (95) Spring (55) Summer (83) Fall (58)
2005 --- --- --- Fall (63)

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Los Gatos Creek Trail
Vasona Lake Co. Park
Oak Meadow Park
Campbell Dog Park
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Along the Trail, Fall 2005

thumbnail-Los Gatos Trail
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The Los Gatos Creek Trail. A very versitile path that is used by walkers, joggers, bicyclists and rollerbladders. You'll find new moms with strollers and kids in tow with dads on bicyles built for two. People out walking their dogs. A charity walk/run.

For those that want a varied workout, Campbell offers a "Par Course" featuring exercise stations. You'll find fishermen trying their luck on the perculation ponds.

thumbnail-Vasona Park
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Beautiful Vasona Lake in Los Gatos. One of the Santa Clara County Parks. Weeping Willow trees with their branches brushing the water. A couple of people playing frizbee. A group having a picnic. Another playing a game of volleyball. Sailboats and paddleboats out on the lake. Kids riding modern-day Big Wheels rentals. Ducks foraging for their afternoon meal. Come out and enjoy this paradise right in the heart of Silicon Valley...

thumbnail-Oak Meadow Park
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Oak Meadow Park is Vasona's next-door neighbor. What Oak Meadow lacks in size compared to Vasona is more than made up by it's personality. I usually make this the destination of my weekend ride. The park boasts a sand playground, a bandstand gazebo, an antique Carousel with hand-carved horses and a miniature railroad. In fact, a ride on the Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad takes you into some of Vasona Park.

I just love to grab a cold drink at the snack bar and watch the glee from the kids riding the Carousel to the sounds of an authentic band organ. Come along and enjoy a day in the park...

thumbnail-Campbell Dog Park
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Campbell Dog Park is a relatively new addition, opened in 20xx.

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