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Memorial Day Weekend 2007, and where would I be but at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee? Haven't missed one yet. You can definately see the festival has cut back some, but last year they still had maybe 80,000 in attendance. You can say that the festival has returned to its roots, reestablishing a couple of venues in West Sacramento, where the festival originated 35 years ago.

Below you'll find links to several festival photo galleries. This year I've divided the photos up into four categories: 1) Sacramento scenes, 2) the kick-off parade, 3) festival bands and 4) a street band performance, From each of these four albums I've selected photos to put into an Weekend Highlights Sampler album. You may want to check out that album first and then if a certain category strikes your fancy, come back and view one of the four full categories.

Click on thumbnails below to enter respective galleries.

  Weekend Highlights / Overview

Need a place to start or want to get a quick overview of the Jubilee and it's environs? Then this is the category for you. Just click on the photo thumbnail to the left to start your tour.

  Sacramento Scenes

In this album you'll find scenes around the festival, including street scenes in Old Sacramento, various festival venues and attendees, and shots of the Capitol and Cathedral in downtown.

  Kick-Off Parade

As the song goes, "I Love a Parade". The festival kicks off with a preview of the jazz bands, passing by against the backdrop of Old Town.

  Festival Bands

With over a hundred bands, not to mention special featured sets, it is impossible to hear all of them. Presented here are some of the bands I listened to this year- Black Swan JB (Portland OR), Buck Creek JB (Reston VA), Cornet Chop Suey (St. Louis MO), Dr. Bach & the Jazz Practitioners - Jamset (Auburn CA), Midnight Rose (Stockton CA), Mighty Aphrodite JB (Canada & USA), New Lowdown JB (Sacramento CA), Paco Gatsby (Guatamala City Guatamala), Richards' Two Beat Bombers (All Over the Place USA), Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums (San Francisco) and Tom Rigney and Flambeau (Berkeley CA).   You can browse the thumbnails and/or images, or from any image page use the drop-down list to select the desired band.

  Featured Band

Party in the streets, mon! The Orphir Prison Band has escaped and hit the cobblestones of Old Sac. They must be "prison"-sick and missing their former rock-chopping work. Don't let the temperance society find out.

  Photos from 2006 Festival

If you wish to check out some photos from last year's festival, the 2006 Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, please click on the thumbnail to the left. Photo sets include one of the California Military Museum and another of scenes from the Sacramento River Walk.

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