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Please enjoy browsing the online albums. For each event, the featured album ("picks") contains selected images from the photo shoot. Online images have been resized down from hi-res to screen size and adjustments have been applied to them.

In addition to the online galleries, you can also enjoy images in display-resolution sets and high-resolution images & prints. (please see note1 below for resolution specifics.) Purchased images/prints are sans the credit logo or border.  Here are the various items available for order (non-commercial pricing):

Item# Item # of images Resolution1 Delivery Price
1 .zip file of images from
featured ("picks") album
(varies) display Download $15.00
2 .zip file of images from
all albums of photo shoot
(varies) display Download $20.00
3 .zip file of images from
all albums of photo shoot
on CD-ROM or USB Flash
(varies) display Shipped2 $25.00
4 Hi-Res Image each high Download $20.00 1st,
$18.00 each-2nd&ff
5 Print3 each 4 x 6" Shipped2 $5.00 1st,
$3.00 each-2nd&ff
6 Print3 each 5 x 7" Shipped2 $12.00 1st,
$10.00 each-2nd&ff
7 Print3 each 8 x 10"
8 x 12"
Shipped2 $22.00 1st,
$20.00 each-2nd&ff

1 Resolution subject to image dimension ratio. "Display" resolution images have a the maximum dimension of at least 700 pixels (the newest images are 1024 pixels). "High" resolution images are at least 3000 pixels for the longest dimension, and are also used for any prints.
2 Add $6.00 S/H per order for shipped items
3 Please specify glossy or matte; glossy assumed
+ Prices subject to change without notice

To order, please contact me, specifying desired item(s), image names and quantity of each. Current payment methods are check, money order or PayPal. I'll then get back with you to confirm your request along with payment specifics.

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